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There's still a lot to do bring the site up to anywhere near the current state of knowledge. Here are some specific things which need doing. Also, many of the pages have been created quite quickly, and so accuracy checking is an important (and ongoing) task.

  • Blocks with cyclic defect groups. This background section has only just been started. Also Brauer trees page.
  • Tame blocks. This background section contains only basic information, and is not referenced properly yet.
  • Generic descriptions of tame blocks.
  • Basic algebras page creation. Will contain definition and overview.
  • Creation of class pages for known blocks with defect group C3xC3.
  • Completion of lists of known classes for blocks with defect groups of order 16, and creation of class pages.
  • Creation of group and class pages for blocks with defect groups of order 32.
  • Guralnick Ext space conjecture and status, including generalised (any pair of simple modules, bounded in terms of defect groups, as given in Statements of conjectures).
  • Generic classification for abelian 2-groups of rank at most 3, on Generic classifications by p-group class page. Including creation of group and class pages.