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Documentation of the codes:

Guides to SPHYSICS has been written and can be downloaded separately here or as part of the source codes. You will need a copy of Acrobat reader to view the userguide (click here).

The SPH formulations implemented in the codes are described in the guide to the serial code.

To see how to reference the guides, see How to reference SPHysics.

Serial Code:

SPHysics_v2.2.000_GUIDE.pdf October 2010

Blender for SPHysics:

For complex geometry generation in 3-D, refer to the new Blender_for_SPHysics_v2.2_GUIDE.pdf October 2010

Parallel Code:

parallelSPHysics_v2.0_GUIDE.pdf January 2011


DualSPHysics_v1.0_GUIDE.pdf January 2011