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SPHysics - SPH Free-surface Flow Solver

Open-Source Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code

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The SPHysics Code

SPHysics is a platform of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) codes inspired by the formulation of Monaghan (1992) developed jointly by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.), the University of Vigo (Spain), the University of Manchester (U.K.) and the University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy). Developed over a number of years primarily to study free-surface flow phenomena where Eulerian methods can be difficult to apply, such as waves, impact of dam-breaks on off-shore structures. We are excited to announce that there are 3 codes available: Code Features, while future versions can be found under (Future Developments & Releases).

v2.2.1 Serial Code UPDATE RELEASED: January 2011

v2.0 Parallel Code RELEASED: January 2011

v4.0 DualSPHysics CPU-GPU Code RELEASED: December 2016

v1.0 SWE-SPHysics Shallow Water Equation Code RELEASED: March 2013

All developers of the SPHysics code are members of SPHERIC which is the SPH European Research Interest Community.

This organisation seeks to promote the development and use of SPH within the academic and industrial communities. Click here for the SPHERIC Home Page