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This SPH code version is the basic version and incorporates the following features (remember to check Future developments for coming improvements). Version 2.0 has the following features:

  • 2-D and 3-D versions
  • Variable timestep
  • Choice of time integration schemes: predictor-corrector, verlet, Beeman, symplectic
  • Choice of Kernel functions:
    • Gaussian, Quadratic, Cubic Spline, Wendland Quintic
  • Kernel gradient correction
  • Choice of two types of solid boundary condition: dynamic and repulsive force
  • Periodic open boundary conditions in 2-D & 3-D
  • Choice of viscosity treatments:
    • Artificial Viscosity
    • Laminar Viscosity
    • Sub-Particle Scale (SPS) Turbulence Model
  • Riemann solvers (ALE and non-ALE formulations)
  • Different Types of Moving Objects, forced and free motion:
    • Floating Objects (free)
    • Moving Gate (forced)
    • Wavemaker (forced)
    • Sliding Wedge (forced)
  • Visualization routines using Matlab or ParaView
  • Density Reinitialization using Shepard or Moving Least Squares (MLS)
  • RESTART option to stop and restart simulations,and checkpointing for clusters
  • Capability for different Equations of State
  • Choice of precision for Position variables (x,y,z): Single & Double
  • Support for compilers: GCC gfortran, INTEL ifort, Compaq Visual Fortran, Silverfrost FTN95

Other developments available in the future: (see Future developments)