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See the SPHERICWebsite YouTube Channel for videos

2-D Armoured Breakwater 3-D Floating Boxes

parallelSPHysics simulation of regular waves approaching the Zeebrugge breakwater SPHysics simulation of Floating Boxes at beach, animation created by John Biddiscombe (CSCS) using PV-Meshless

Particle splitting & Coalescing Tsunami simulation with SWE-SPHysics

Variable resolution with dynamic particle refinement (Renato Vacondio) SWE-SPHysics simulation of tsunami with open boundaries (Renato Vacondio)

Blender for DualSPHysics Flooding simulation of Thamesmeade with SWE-SPHysics

Visualisation performed with Blender (blender.org) by Miguel Zavale Aké from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM. SWE-SPHysics simulation of Thamesmeade flooding with open boundaries (Renato Vacondio)