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*[[Results on classes of groups]]
*[[Results on classes of groups]]
*[[Miscallaneous results]]
*[[Miscallaneous results]]
*[[Open problems|Open problems]]
*[[Fusion-trivial p-groups]]
*[[Open problems]]
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Blocks of finite groups
Donovan's conjecture and the classification
of Morita equivalence classes

A resource for progress on Donovan's conjecture and for the classification of Morita equivalence classes of blocks with a given defect group. The intention is to eventually make the site editable by all, but at the moment it is in its early stages. If you would like to contribute to this site, then please contact Charles Eaton.

A more detailed account of the purpose and content of the site can be found here.




Picard groups

This wiki site was set up by Charles Eaton and Cesare G. Ardito and is maintained by Charles Eaton and hosted at the University of Manchester.