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This is the wiki page for the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF), which consists of two main labs: the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at the Materials Science Centre in Manchester and the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility at Diamond which is based at the Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) next to the Diamond synchrotron. More information about MXIF can be found on the website.

The main focus of the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility is to employ X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) for non-destructive 3D characterisation of all kind of materials on length scales varying from centimeters to nanometers for both academic research and industries. This wiki provides various manuals and tutorials for working with the equipment (X-ray machines, sample environment rigs) and software packages (for data processing and analysis) that are available to the users of MXIF. The content of these pages is user generated and every user is encouraged to clarify, correct and extend the existing pages. This will help current and future users to obtain the most out of the machines and the collected data.

The pages are only available to users of the facility, so to get access to the information you have to log in. If you don't have an account, please send an email to Loic Courtois or Sheng Yue, the wiki administrators. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions regarding the wiki.

What you will find on these pages

The wiki has the following main sections.

  • Equipment : information on using the x-ray machines and the in-situ rigs.
  • Software : guides and tutorials on how to process CT data. There is also a list of tips and tricks for individual software packages.
  • Synchrotron : usefull information for synchrotron users.
  • MXIF staff : this page shows a photo of (most of) the MXIF staff.
  • Tutorials : a guide to tutorials for people new to imaging.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.