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Welcome to the new WRC Wiki page

This is the new wiki for use within the WRC, containing information related to the access to and use of equipment within the centre, and also includes descriptions of what machines we have, how they work and any health & safety forms that need to be looked at.

Navigation around this site is via the navigation panel on the left of your screen, or alternatively you can search for a particular page using the search box. Once logged in, users are permitted to create and alter pages as neccessary - if the page you are looking for doesn't exist, then please create it!

Access to the wiki is restricted to registered users (with the exception of this front page), so to view pages within this wiki please Log In (also available in the top right corner of your screen, as well as displaying a link instead of any pages you visit).

This area will grow as development of the new WRC site continues, and will be updated to include equipment guides aswell as fundamental principles behind their use. As an example, I have begun creating the user guide for the ESEM, see here.

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For guides on how to use the WRC wiki, and wikis such as wikipedia in general, consult the User's Guide (this is an external site).