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Health & safety is taken very seriously within the WRC, faculty and the university in general. No work is allowed to be undertaken in the WRC without prior consent or without signed and completed COSHH forms. Any users found to be in breach of health & safety regulations will be prevented from continuing their work until such time as the appropriate actions have been taken.

The required Health & Safety forms can be downloaded from the Forms & Downloads section.

Health & Safety Contacts

  • The SEAES Health & Safety Advisor is Dr Richard Cutting, whose office is located in B.08D of the Williamson Building. Please contact Dr. Cutting if you require further information.
  • The SEAES COSHH Supervisor is Dr Paul Wincott, located in B.08E of the Williamson Building.
  • The SEAES Biological safety officer is Dr Clare Robinson, located in room 1.21 of the Williamson Building, phone: 0161 275 3296.
  • The SEAES DEFRA licence officer is Prof. Dave Polya.
  • The SEAES Radiological Protection Supervisors are Dr Ray Burgess and Prof Katherine Morris.
  • The SEAES Laser safety officer is Dr Ian Lyon.
  • The SEAES X-Rays supervisor is Dr Paul Wincott.

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