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Time-based Media Application Profile

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Time-based Media: General

Still Image or Frames

Where 2-D slices are taken from a timeline (i.e. extracting a still image or a frame from a video) image metadata should be considered in the first instance.

Genre or Specialist Coverage



  • BBC SMEF contains a detailed data model that takes account of the major standards and identifiers relevant to a variety of TBM used in broadcasting projects.

Repository-oriented Metadata

  • Identifiers
    • JISC Standards Catalogue: Identifier Standards
    • ISAN International Standard Audio Visual Number, ISO 15706:2002, permanently issued to an audiovisual work and never altered replaced or re-used.
    • V-ISAN Version-ISAN, registers a version. The first part is an identifier, the second part is registration, resolution and supporting systems. ISRC is used for soundtracks.
    • ISRC International Standard Recording Code, unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording that can be encoded permanently into a product.
    • SMPTE UMID Unique Material Identifier, specified in SMPTE 330M. Identifies an instance of audiovisual material uniquely, to enable the material instance to be linked with its associated metadata. The extended UMID allows a ‘source pack’ to be attached which carries data for time, date, geospatial location, etc.
  • Relevant JISC Information Environment Projects & Services
    • HILT High Level Thesaurus aims to research, investigate, pilot & develop solutions for problems pertaining to cross-searching multi-subject scheme information environments.
    • IESR is a machine-readable registry of electronic resources to provide a registry of information about resources that are valuable to teachers, researchers & learners.
    • Information Environment Metadata Service Registry A metadata schema registry to enable the publication, navigation and sharing of information about metadata such as descriptions of application profiles, schemas and vocabularies.
    • PRONOM is a web-based information system about data file formats and their supporting software products.
  • Existing TBM-related Application Profiles
    • Simple Application Profile combining Dublin Core and MPEG-7 Metadata.Net was maintained until August 2006 by the MAENAD Project of ITEE at the University of Queensland and holds a draft simple combination Application Profile with a mapping between 15 DC elements DC and MPEG-7. The exercise concludes that the mapping is possible but complex and gives reasons with detailed examples.
    • JISC-SURF StreamTeam Partners
      • Work in the Netherlands related to federated searching for video use in learning engages the concept of collecting other materials alongside video used for learning. This falls closer to the domain of learning objects than TBM and so the RDN/LTSN LOM Application Profile or RLLOMAP has been drawn on.
    • RET and CAM
      • As part of a presentation of RET (Reaching European Teachers) at StreamTeam 2008, a report on investigations into CAM (Contextualised Attention Metadata) was made. CAM is concerned with serving personalised content to teachers, particularly where this can be achieved directly into the learning environment such as a VLE.

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